Boudoir Photography – Frequently Asked Questions

The thought of a boudoir session can be scary. When talking to women about their session, I get asked all kinds of questions. So I wanted to compile a list of my Top 12 FAQs to give you some insight on preparing for your session with me, and also to see that you are NOT alone in some of the things you may be unsure of or worried about!!

1) Do you share my images?

Our number one priority is making sure our clients are comfortable, especially with boudoir. It can be a life-changing experience, but that also makes it nerve-wracking! Sometimes, you’re learning how to love your body and you aren’t quite ready to share the images with the world. Or sometimes, the photos are specifically for your spouse/partner and not for anyone else’s eyes. These are all great reasons for not wishing to share your photos, and it all depends on your personal preference. If there are photos I would love to share, I will ask your permission first and we will discuss and review a Model Release together. The Release also gives you options and flexibility on what types of images are shared (not showing your face, no nudes, etc.). And if you choose to keep your photos private altogether- that’s ok too!

A woman sits on a vintage tub at the Rochester New York boudoir studio.

2) Do I have to wear lingerie?

Definitely NOT! Boudoir does not mean lingerie. This experience is all about YOU and what YOU wish to adorn your body with. While many clients do choose to wear lingerie, there are also many who choose to utilize special clothing items like their partner’s favorite jersey or a sexy button-down work shirt. During our one-on-one style consultation, I’ll discuss this with you at length and work with you to customize your outfits and looks! Click HERE to schedule your Style Consultation! 

A woman plays with her wet white tank top during a shower scene at a boudoir studio.

3) Where should I buy my outfits?

 Fire and foremost, you may not even need to purchase anything! Why? Because I provide a 100+, size-inclusive Client Closet that all of my clients have access to! During your Style Consultation, we can try on any pieces you like (or would like me to choose for you!) which means you may never have to purchase any pieces yourself! However, I am happy to share some of my favorites, including: Amazon, Shein, Yandy, and AdoreMe! 

4) How many outfits should I prepare? 

This somewhat depends on how many times you feel like changing…BUT, I would say that you can select up to four outfits. This will ensure you have a variety of the looks you wish to achieve during your session, but also that we have ample time to photograph you in each outfit. 

5) Is hair and makeup styling included?

Heck YES it is, and I pride myself on my incredible beauty team! I feel that it’s SO important to feel pampered, which is why hair and makeup styling is included with every session! You’ll work with our stylists to complete your look, whether you’d like to polish your face into a more natural look or go full-on glam. They’re here for ALL OF IT and happy to help you decide which direction to go if you’re unsure. Feel free to bring in inspo photos, too!

A woman gets her makeup professional done at the rochester new york boudoir studio.

6) Do you have payment plans?

 We sure do, and as of March 2023, Payment Plans are actually required. You can choose to purchase from the A la Carte menu of individual products, or the Collections menu which offers three tiers of purchase options. Some clients find it easiest to schedule a Payment Plan call with me- To do that, click HERE

7) Do you photoshop my images?

I do edit your images for light, exposure, color balance, and basic blemish editing. I don’t, however, edit out things that are permanently a part of you and your beauty. Part of the process of accepting yourself and seeing your beauty means not photoshopping permanent parts of yourself that you don’t like, like the shape of your nose, for example. I specialize in posing and lighting in order to frame and accentuate your beauty in the most perfect ways. So rest assured that I will work with you all the way through so you’re most happy with your images. That being said, I also pride myself in being a safe space for survivors of abuse as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community- so if there are things that you may be triggered by in your images and deeply wish to be concealed, please let me know. I will always accommodate you in whatever ways make you feel safe and loved, as you are in my space. 

A transgender woman wearing blue lingerie poses on a bed at the rochester new york boudoir studio.

8) What type of products do you offer?

I offer 8×8 and 10×10 albums, various metal prints, keepsake boxes, and more! You can purchase products individually off of the A la Carte menu or select a Collection, which include a minimum of an 8×10 metal print and a 10-image keepsake box! 

A red boudoir album featuring a woman in lingerie on the cover.

9) Do you offer digital galleries? 

Yes! Your full digital gallery is included with the purchase of Collections I or II, and available as an add-on with the purchase of A la Carte products. 

10) Where is your studio located?

I am located at 1100 Long Pond Road, Suite 228, Rochester, NY 14626. You will receive an email with directions on making your way through the plaza in which I am located that will bring you right to the studio!

A woman has a pregnant woman poses in lingerie for a studio maternity boudoir session in rochester new york.

11) When should I arrive on the day of my session?

It’s perfect for clients to arrive 10-15 minutes early so that we can take a few minutes to mentally prepare and fully emerge ourselves in this amazing process together! This also allows time to discuss styling choices with the beauty team, and to shake off any last-minute nerves. 

12) I’m FREAKING OUT about my shoot! How can I get past these nerves?!

It would be weird if you weren’t freaking out, to be honest! Take some time to reflect on the many amazing reasons that you deserve a boudoir session, and perhaps take some time to pamper yourself in the days leading up (but no spray tans, please!). Also, please visit the Honey Suckle Boudoir VIP Facebook page and lean on the community for support and words of encouragement! We have such an amazing group of women!

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Honey Suckle Boudoir is a luxury boudoir studio in Rochester that values in accepting yourself as you are and feeling like the badass you are! We photograph sessions in our incredible studio located in Rochester, NY.